Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Odori~~

Okay, now this is the first time I went to such event. and what I have to say is... AWESOME! Hoaa... I never seen so many japanese people in my life! I've been stuck in my country and never got a chance to see other culture. I wish I could visit the whole world. TAT
Anyway, I saw many girls wearing Yukata. I bought one for myself but I have to confess that it doesn't suit me well. I also love our own multiple race's dance. All of them are beautiful~~ Haa... I'm very happy and grateful to live in this world... for now. XD

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hm... I certainly do not even know what to write. Since this is the first post after all. well... anyway..For those who are now reading this ( if there's any, haha..) I'm Yuuhi. English is my second language, so I hope you'll understand why if I commit some grammer error. Please don't mind me. Kay? ^_^