Sunday, January 1, 2012

Played AMNESIA, the very first Yandere game for me.

Hurry~ It's new year!! Meh, I'm so busy battling for my life in the game I don't even realize the clock is already 12 midnight. Anyway, let me just tell you about another otome games from otomate. AMNESIA.

Let me warn you first, I'm going to SPOIL you maybe, and two of the characters are YANDERE! Compare to drama cd Yandere Heaven, this game win. Enough said. I have never been scared to death while playing otome game. TAT.

There's 4 route and one secret route to unlock in this game. The CVs are Shinn [ Kakihara Tetsuya ], Kent [Ishida Akira], Ikky [Taniyama Kishou], Toma [Hino Satoshi] and Ukyo [Miyata Kouki].