Thursday, March 29, 2012

So he can speak German language fluently.... oh wait.

I listened to drama CD Otona Gentei Otogame Panalty III where Kakihara Tetsuya keep speaking in German. Though I did not speak German, but he does sounds so fluent. Then it crossed my mind. Hey, Kakky came from German right? And he became a seiyuu cuz he want to learn Japanese language? No wonder he is so fluent speaking German! -___-'
I've read somewhere that he also can speak English. I better warned my heart not to fall for this guy.

Okay, maybe I'm too late.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not sure if a seiyuu or a model...

After I saw the scan for Hana Awase, I am not sure if those people are born to be seiyuu or a model. They all look so gorgeous in black! Especially Terashima! I would call him megane model. XD

I’ll be waiting patiently for the game. Heck, I don’t even sure I would like the game because of the art, the characters, or the seiyuu! @__@