Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bleach's new attraction!

I'm just a typical somebody who used to read and watch Bleach when it was still in earlier chapters and episodes, after ditching  it for a few years and comeback only to found Bleach has become WAY~~~ AWESOME! 8D
Now I became addicted to this hit anime. Why?
Awesome OP and ED video clip
     I have to say, whoever in charge for Bleach ending and opening songs, that person is very creative!
All the graphic design in the clips is sooo cool! And they have another good reason why you should not skip the clips for each episode. Because in every episode, there will be one new picture being replace between the clips. However, I do not remember for what episode they start to do that. And I'm in love with ending credit of the latest episodes, the 26 ending theme. They create the video from Rukia's POV. So, there's one part where it seems like Ichigo is poking your head. :D
This is the video. Sorry it was being reversed from left to right. Probably because of copyright issue. And it's not mine! XD