Saturday, April 27, 2013

It has been ages..... So let's discuss how dummy mic can became a deadly weapon.

The full title for this album was Ultimate Dummy Head Song SEVENTH HEAVEN. The first volume was released on 24th April 2013. The character for the first volume was Akira voiced by Nojima Kenji. Akira is 996 years old , do-s, cool, tsundere prince type, He has some serious personality issue. Well he is not the only one. You should expect something like this coming from Rejet. Anyway, you could pretty much guess that he is not a human. I mean, look at how old he is!

I was not familiar with Nojima Kenji but he sure have a prince like voice. In this album, there is a song titled 'Love Delight'. Let me tell you that it was sooooooooo beautiful and soothing. And I think they use dummy mic for that song. Yes, the horror of dummy mic. That thing is a silent killer. It already killed so many fangirls yet we keep revives back only to be killed by it again.
But I regret nothing by listening to this drama cd.

Let's wait for the next volume.