Friday, September 23, 2011

「愛してあげるニャ! -僕のペット-」 Vol. 1 [Aishiteagerunya! Boku no Pet vol.1] : CV Ishida Akira

let me drooling over this sexy picture first..

I'm done. Oh, wait! It's Ishida Akira! Drool again.. XD
Before this, you got a drama cd where they become your pet. But this time, it's you turn to be their pet! Feel the suffering of your pet when you glomp them and choke them to the brink of death with your bear hug

The Time has COME~ The dead will be ALIVE again. Huhu... XD

Yes! You heard it. I'm going to REVIVE this dead blog. Thanks to the lecturer for giving me the motivation to start babbling here again.

It's the beginning of new semester~ Being a student is tough! Now that I got my hand on a brand new PSP, I need to learn managing my time! Let's see.... I have to do assignments, homework, going to class, group discussion and barely have time to eat and sleep. Maybe I could just play PSP in my dream. Now when will I have time to listen to drama cd??? Gaahh!! @_@

I have tough future ahead. But I'm still not going to give up posting in this blog! :D