Thursday, June 7, 2012

Need another dose of Yandere? Here's Jyuzaengi for you.

Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden

      I am currently playing this game. At first, I am not really interested since I have no idea what's is all about. Despite they tried to lure me with Ishida Akira. However, after playing the first route, I realize that I have already like this game VERY much. Why?

First of all, the cast are fabulous. They got Toriumi Kousuke, Ishida Akira, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Yusa Kouji, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Namikawa Daisuke, Sugita Tomokazu and if I'm not mistaken, Yonaga Tsubasa.

The second thing is, the heroin is sooooo COOL! She was very tough and skillful fighter. She is the strongest among her clan. I never like any other otome game's heroin as much as I like her.

I like those cat ear. And the beautiful weapon too. 

The first route I played was Ryubi. The little white cat. Obviously I'm going for Ishida Akira. I actually hope that they can give this character to whoever that voice Orion in Amnesia. ......Nah, maybe not. I might die due to overload cuteness. So here's your cute white cat!

Aww~~ Look, he's playing with the dangerous tiger. Gasp! 

      Ryuubi is actually 15 yeas old, the same age with the heroin. They are childhood friend. But for some reason, Ryuubi did not growing up. Despite that, the heroin still treat him kindly and answer his frequent demand for a hug. Aww~ But the cute moment was over when I discover that he have multiple split personality. 
The first one was the normal 15 years old man than he was suppose to be. That was his real personality. The other one is a very dangerous yandere evil and super posessive personality. 

    Great, they give me a Yandere Ishida Akira. How my poor heart suppose t o take this? It keep going doki doki everytime the yandere one went out. They are trying to turn me into M! Nooooo~~~ I cannot unheard Gaara in the yandere one. So here is your not so cute but evil Ryuubi.

     This game really like to toy with my heart. How am I suppose to handle all of these emotion. I cried a river when Ryuubi commit suicide by jumping from the cliff. He does not want to hurt the heroin anymore so he decide to kill himself. It turn's out that he did not die. Instead, some seal was broken. His Yandere side take over and he grow up to be a very beautiful hot guy. He decide to take over the world and kill all human so that the heroin would love only him.

    I was facing with emotional conflict during this scene. I do not know if I should be happy, or scared or hate it when this guy tried to make the heroin belongs to him. Aaa~~ That voice! @__@

    And somehow, the real personality manage to take over. A very dangerous beast that was sealed inside him was released and they have to defeat the beast or it will destroy the world. And so, Ryuubi and the heroin fight side by side and manage to defeat the beast. But, they have to seal the beast inside Ryuubi once again. Means that Ryuubi will turn into a kid again. I wasted more of my tears here as I watch Ryuubi confess and say good bye.

    Ryuubi turn into a kid and they continue to live together again. HOW is this suppose to be a HAPPY END?! I never demand so much for a FANDISK. TAT You have to give me a fandisk.

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