Friday, August 3, 2012

Kurayami Gatari ~Yoen Ibun~..... well, it was 'slightly' unexpected.

Title: Kurayami Gatari ~Yoen Ibun~
Cast: Tsuda Kenjiro

     Last night, I listen to this drama CD. To tell the truth, I never read any synopsis about it. I like the illustration and the cast. Furthermore, I heard it is using the almighty Dummy Mic and came from the same creator of Kindan Vampire drama CD. So I  thought that it would be something like a slightly dark story like Kindan Vampire. Moreover, I rarely have a chance to listen to this type of Drama CD with Tsuda Kenjiro as the cast. 

     The drama began normally with the fateful meeting of the heroin and the character voiced by TsudaKen in the shop.....or something like that. I actually forgot his name. Does he even have one? He sounds like a mysterious fortune teller to me. The heroin seems gloomy and he had successfully predict that recently someone close to her had died. She was surprise and wondered how he know it. He continued by mentioning about her parents whom she also had lost. During this moment, I discover that Tsuda Kenjiro and Dummy Mic is a deadly combination. My ears is melting~~~ I cannot unheard Kazama Chikage!!

    And then he began telling you a story of what had happen to you, your boyfriend, a girl who like your boyfriend and a guy who likes you. It was very dark story. The girl was planning to 'ruin' you so that she can have your boyfriend. So, she team up with the guy who likes you. That guy gladly do the dirty job for her, Again, Tsuda Kenjiro role play the evil guy while he was doing his 'evil' job. THAT DUMMY MIC!!! Take it away from TsudaKen! I'm really dying here! My poor ears. My poor heart. I am not mentally prepare for this.

   The scene shift to the evil girl and your boyfriend. She was trying to stop him from saving you from the evil guy. But your boyfriend accidently push her too hard, she lose consciousness and stopped breathing. That's right. She DIED. Scared, your boyfriend took her to somewhere in the wood, near to an old spooky mansion to bury her. Blame my poor japanese language. I am not sure about the location. He tried to bury her quickly since he do  not want anyone to see him. But he was unlucky. Suddenly, someone appeared from the bushes. It was the evil guy. His hand was dyed with red liquid. 'Brother..' called your boyfriend to him. But they are not a blood related sibling.

     The evil guy notice that your boyfriend was trying to bury the evil girl. He blame him for murdering. But your boyfriend also blaming him for 'ruining' you. So they end up fighting since the evil guy had hate him way before all of these happen. The story getting darker as he evil guy murdered your boyfriend. He laugh evilly and felt very satisfied after finally being able to kill your boyfriend. And then it happen. While he was trying to bury your boyfriend....... he felt he was being watched. Someone was watching him from that spooky mansion. 

     Suddenly, he heard a female voice sadly and painful as she whisper, "My". He began to panic. Later, he heard a baby like voice mumbling something I was not to sure... but I think I heard it says 'nobody will know'. Followed after the voice was the scream from the evil guy. It send me chills down my spine. That's right. The evil guy also DIED. Everybody DIED! wonder the drama CD was called Kurayami Gatari. So, whatever that killed the guy. It was  NOT human! At least not a living one.

    NOBODY tell me TsudaKen is going to tell a GHOST STORY~! TAT    Later, I got paranoid and my eyes kept watching the windows and the door for no reason. It was very VERY creepy! Last time I got scared by drama CD was when I listen to Kannou Mukashibanashi with the ghost story volume. That time, Shimono almost gave me heart attack. 

    Although I really REALLY hate ghost story, I simply can't resist TsudaKen. So I will still recommend it. Thumbs up for the deadly mic and deadly cast combination. I manage to survive the death blow somehow. I should check on the synopsis next time so that I will not have a surprise like this anymore. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the story did  not end there. It has another 'evil' story' that are closely related to you and your boyfriend's story. Too lazy to write it but it was creepier and more evil. I also like the ending for this drama CD. It was unexpected, creepy yet a bit funny. Nope, not gonna spoil it to you guys~~ XD

I'm glad I survive this drama CD. Now, I shall gather some courage and be mentally prepare to RE listen to it!!


  1. Urgh! I'm so so so so curious now D: I love TsudaKen's voice to bits and I downloaded this without even looking at the title LOL. I was like TsudaKen!! Get!!

    Looking at the creepy cover art and the title Kurayamigatari I began having my suspicions... I look it up and find your entry. I decided it's probably not a good story to listen at midnight and being a scaredy cat I'd probably never listen to it, but I still want to hear TsudaKen with a dummy head mic T_T

    1. Yeah, I was like that too when the first time I saw the cover and the cast. I was extremely curious to listen to TsudaKen with dummy mic. Despite being paranoid later, I regret nothing. Haha. XD

  2. I also googled the drama CD n found ur entry... -w- im a fan of the person who wrote the script for this CD lol and am debating whether to buy this CD or not... after reading ur entry, i think it's good stuff BUT im also a chicken n scary stories = @@;;;;;
    i did find a copy online and tried listening to it but gotta stop halfway when he started describing the bf digging the soil trying to bury the body... eeeep!!! arrrrgn nayamu nyaaa @_@