Friday, June 27, 2014

Zombie in otome game?!

Guess which company is crazy enough to come out with this idea? Yeap, no other than rejet.
But, first. I need to reflect on neglecting this blog for more than a year. TAT 
I am a hopelessly lazy blogger. Anyway, recently I've been playing a PC otome game called Ken ga Kimi. Since it came from Rejet, I've braced myself for characters that is beyond crazy. *coughDiabolikLovercough*. Well... I get what I was expecting. But surprisingly, there's this weird calm peaceful feel I get while playing this game. The story was SUPER long but extremely gripping I cannot even skip.
Ken ga Kimi
The art is soo PRETTY! Why everyone is so beautiful in this game??
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Even the side characters are soo handsome! 
Le sassy Tokugawa Iemitsu
Anyway, since I really like characters with pretty long hair. Almost all character in this game designed with long hair. But the thing about otome game for me is not always about looks. Which is why I fell for the only guy with short hair in this game. On top of that, everything came out from his mouth can trigger my inner rage. But, how can I possibly resist this guy? Just look at him!
Adorable cutie pie.Why your eye lashes are longer than mine??
He is Kei. SPOILER*he is a demon*. Tsundere max guy is actually a roundsman. Something like police I guess. And he is actually a royal demon. Wow... somewhat reminded me of Kazama Chikage. I swear they must exist in the same timeline as Hakuouki.

Right, I did mention about zombie in otome game in the title. I almost forgot about that. For here is another SPOILER. ( well, this whole blog is a spoiler already. nevermind that) There is this one guy in this game, who eat and eat but still get hungry no matter what. His body is extremely cold and pale. When he pass by, there's a trace smell of incense. Wow, creepy guy right?
Nope. Only sweet guy that can give you cavities. 
He is the canon pair for this game and is related to another very HOT evil villain which I would resist from posting his image here because I would probably need another tissue paper to wipe my tears *probably nosebleed as well* at his beautiful sight.

I'm going to end it here. I'm hoping Rejet could release a fandisk, because I need moar of my cute demon and zombie. I guess my love-hate relationship with Rejet will continue. TAT

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